How Many Signed Up for Healthcare?

how many signed up for healthcareHow Many Signed Up for Healthcare?

Even though over 8 million people visited the federal government's healthcare exchange website so far, long waits, system crashes and website problems have kept most people from even trying to register.

Within the first two days, the federal health care website has enrolled only 248 people. Problems abounded, causing the site to crash. Even when it was working, it was not working properly.

Millions of Americans are waiting to enroll but cannot do so. In fact, most cannot even find insurance rates at all.  One big problem is that the system requires people to fill in tons of personal information before receiving any rate information.  So, if people take all of that time to complete the forms (if they can complete them on the website as it is).

The flawed website has been an embarrassment for the Obama administration, with over 48% of Americans saying that the federal government is doing a very poor job of implementing the new healthcare law.

The site was completely removed and unavailable for use from November 2 through November 3, for extended maintenance.

When the website is finally operating, we will find out whether it can handle the onslaught of people trying to find out about healthcare options.

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