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Arkansas Health Connector Benefit Exchange

Arkansas will be part of a Partnership Insurance Exchange with the federal government, wherein the state performs some of the functions of its exchange while the federal government performs others.  The state will keep control of exchange plan management and consumer assistance.  Arkansas has a Plan Management Advisory Committee with about 40 members representing hospitals and health care providers, insurance companies, benefit consultants and business.  Another committee called the Consumer Assistance Advisory Committee, includes 30 members who represent hospitals and health care providers, insurance companies, benefit consultants, unions and consumer advocacy groups.

Important Facts:

  • Four companies have expressed interest in selling policies over the state's online marketplace.
  • Basic requirements include providing consumers with a choice of at least two different insurance carriers.

Official LinkLink to Official Website and Arkansas State Contact Information:

Arkansas Health Connector
Phone:  (501) 683-4170
Fax: (501) 371-2629


Arkansas Health Connector

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